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O2 Vapor Tank Kit



O2 Vapor Tank Device (which includes a tank, coil and battery)
O2 Vapor Tank USB Charger
User Manual O2 – SMOKe NV's latest e-vaporizer which provides the ultimate experience for the most discerning vaping enthusiasts. Designed to provide rich vapor and pure taste, the O2 Vapor Tank System is refillable, rechargeable and gives you full control of the amount of vapor produced with a touch of a button. O2 accessories are compatible with O2 products only. The O2 Lithium Ion Battery has an average life span of 1 year with normal use. O2 E-Liquid include only food grade and safe ingredients that are specially formulated in Canada which include water, vegetable glycerine, and artificial flavourings.
Please store your O2 E-Liquid in room temperature environments and consume within 2 weeks once opened.